Here are samples of 1120 Digital Media Studios' work.  The majority of my clients are bloggers, solopreneurs, and small business owners. More samples are coming soon.


THE GRAYIST is an online marketplace to showcase emerging artists and their work.  The site is an E-commerce site selling web design, social media, and marketing services.


Every month a new participating artist and pieces of art are featured. Also, THE GRAYIST has a monthly giveaway.


Tarot Masters Studio

Tarot Masters Studio is a place where tarot readers are able to learn more and improve their tarot reading skills.  Eventually the site will become an ecommerce site where classes, digital products, and branded merchandise will be sold.

A YouTube channel is also in development to house the various lessons, interviews, and reviews.

AFA Associates

AFA Associates is a business consulting agency in Cincinnati, OH.  AFA Associates is lead by Alice Frazier, and her team includes professionals who are designers, marketers, and strategist.

Healer's Oracle

Who heals the healers? Nyeemah SoulSayer is the Healers' Oracle.  She provides group workshops and private sessions for those who are in the healing professions such as therapists, counselors, and doctors.