Here are samples of 1120 Digital Media Studios' work.  The majority of my clients are bloggers, solopreneurs, and small business owners. More samples are coming soon.

Purdue Foundry 

On December 8, 2022, I created and co-presented a Media Buying presentation for the start up businesses in the Purdue Foundry.

Click on the button to view the presentation.

The Arts Federation

For The Arts Federation, I co-created and co-presented a five-part Marketing series for artists.  The series can be seen on YouTube, which can be seen by clicking the button.

Breakthrough Performance Group

I created and presented a Lunch and Learn Zoom presentation on Design Thinking and Lean Six Sigma for Breakthrough Performance Group. Presentation begins at 12:58

The client is a quilter who draws inspiration for her quilting designs from her photography and travels. 

The Sumac tree has a personal meaning and she wanted it to be incorporated into her logo.

Her style is clean, crisp, and minimal. She also chose a nature-based color palette based on nature that resembled the colors from the landscapes she photographed.

The sumac branch is a royalty-free illustration I found and altered it.

I created her logo and branding kit in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.


Early January of 2020, Breakthrough Performance Group’s image was enhanced with a new corporate logo and branding. Below is a sample of a flyer with the original layout and the new logo.  The remaining images are redesigned flyers with the new logo and branding. I created the flyers in InDesign and are of all of the Lean Six Sigma and Project Management Prep courses Breakthrough Performance Group offers.

The flyers are images for demonstration purposes, however, for practical use they are in an interactive PDF format.  All of the instructors are able to add their contact information and class details within Adobe Acrobat free version.