Customizing Your Website and Marketing Strategy Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Your business needs are unique, and your website and marketing strategy should be too.

It has its own purpose, design, and function. 1120 DMS offers a hands-on approach to discovering your business needs and creating a website that will service those needs along with digital marketing and branding services. Combined, you have a website, a brand identity, and a plan to engage with your customers.

01. Web Design & Hosting

In addition to web design, we also offer domain registration and hosting packages.  All of the websites are designed in WordPress, and the servers are powered by green energy.

02. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the funnel and force that leads traffic to your site. Digital Marketing consultation and implementation packages are also available.

03.  Brand Marketing

Branding is the visual identity of a business. It includes logo, colors, tone of voice, and mission.  Brand Marketing is building the relationship with your customers.